How it works


You are a Tipster


You can start posting your new content as soon as you have joined Onlytips;
Posts can be free for everyone or only for your subscribers by checking the box.(Subscriber Only Posts will be blurred to non-subcribers)
You can set-up the information you want to be displayed by editing your Profile with Interests, monthly Subscription rate and other information.
You can follow you Subscriptions and other financial transactions under Payments tab.
Paypal account can be added as a method of Deposit or Withdraw money.
In-app notifications will be set when you have new subscribers, receive tips or you have new messages.
Possibility to chat with your followers using the in-app custom chat.

You are a subscriber


All users will be presented with multiple sport options that will be saved as interests
Top tipsers will be displayed in a suggestion list so you can closely follow or subscribe too.
All users can add their Paypal details under Payments in order to Deposit for subscriptions or to tip their tipsters.
All users can Withdraw adding their Paypal details on the Withdraw page.
All users can initiate the in-app chat with their favorite Tipster (as long as you are Subscribed)
All users receive in-app notifications regarding: Subscription, New content, other financial transactions.