Welcome to OnlyTips, the first betting social media. Engage with your tipsters or become a tipster to earn. If you are a passionate sports fan and a betting enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you to connect with tipsters from around the world, who will help with placing smarter and more informed bets. Register, subscribe to your preferred tipster and start increasing your yield. You can also become a tipster. If you have extensive sports knowledge, are already a winning player and you want to increase your winnings or simply share your knoweldge with your followers, OnlyTips will make this process way easier than ever before.


What is OnlyTips?


OnlyTips is a powerful and useful tool for tipsters and betting enthusiasts alike. Professionals and amateurs are welcome, this tool is for everyone.


How do I earn?


You can earn money from subscriptions and tips from your followers.


Can I tip or receive tips?


Yes and in fact we encourage it. Show appreciation to the tipster’s hard work by tipping them if you used their recommendations and won.


Why should I use the OnlyTips platform?


We are the first platform to really connect tipsters and betting enthusiasts together. With our easy to use interface, continuous updates, smart promotion tools and a passionate team, we eliminated the need of individual websites that are incredibly hard to grow as well as eliminated the need of having to handle your tipster page on a lot of different social media platforms. Everything that you need to start earning more on one platform.


Can I link OnlyTips to other social media?


Absolutely. In fact we would encourage it. Currently, OnlyTips is compatible with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can promote your OnlyTips account in any way you wish.


How do I communicate with Tipsters?


You can communicate with tipsters through post interaction or through private messages. Note that in order to private message anyone you have to be subscribed to their content.


Do I need to be 18 in order to use the website?


You can use the website in under 18 but you have to be 18 years old in order to start earning.


Are you affiliated with any gambling company?


We are not affiliated with any gambling company. We are a social media platform not a betting platform. There is no gambling occuring on the platform, we only facilitate the sharing of tips between tipsters and betting enthusiasts.


What type of credit cards will be accepted?


At the lunch of the platform payments (deposits and withdrawals) will be handled with Paypal only. We plan to integrate all credit card payments and other payment processors in the near future.